It is a special honour that the "International Identification Code Industry Alliance” ( ICA ) has offered the Eurodata Council Institute e.V. (EDCi) membership as an honorary member in an advisory capacity (see Certificate 2023-11-23). EDCi was happy to accept it.

EDCi had already worked closely with one of the ICA founding members, the "ZIIOT RESEARCH INSTITUTE". EDCi supported ZIIOT in its accreditation as an "ISO/IEC 15459 Issuing Agency".
EDCi also supported ZIIOT in the development of the ISO/IEC 15459 coding system, the "MA code", which has since been accredited for the labelling of medical devices (UDI) for China.

As a member, by close cooperation with ICA, EDCi is also able to support the development of AutoID technologies in the Asian region better and to promote communication and professional exchange according to common interest.

ICA_Logo.png  The „International Identification Code Industry Alliance“ (ICA)

The International Identification Code Industry Alliance (abbreviated as “ICA”)was registered in April 2023 and is headquartered in Singapore. It is a non-governmental, non-profit international organization voluntarily formed by international organizations and relevant national industry associations, backbone enterprises, standardization organizations, and professionals. The Alliance is an international professional organization in the field of Identification Code.

With the purpose of ”Sharing, Green and Sustainability ", ICA aims to coordinate and formulate a unified international basis for digital identification, promote the interconnection and collaboration of mainstream international identification code systems, and build an international cooperation platform to carry out in-depth digital technology cooperation and promote the development of digital economy. ICA will actively promote the development of digital industries at both national and international levels, and jointly build the foundation of digital economy and digital society.

For more details see Introduction to ICA.