pdf Application form for the registration of distinctive company codes (CIN)

pdfCIN ISO/IEC 15459 Registry

pdf Quick Guide for globally unique labeling of items by ISO/IEC 15459 Company ID Numbers (CIN)

Eurodata Council (E.D.C.) is accredited Issuing Agency for unique Company Identification Codes (CIN) according to ISO/IEC 15459-2. The Issuing Agency Code (IAC) is "QC". E.D.C. registers alphanumeric CIN's, 4 characters long, e.g. ABCD. The fee for a CIN is 100 euro per year.

Open CINs for free use for demo and test purposes.

The for demo and test purposes registered and published
CIN's: "DEMO" and "TEST" can be used by anyone to build demo codes and/or test codes, for example for evaluation of ISO/IEC 15459-x codes, ISO/IEC 20248 digital signatures, AutoIT URLs, etc.
Note: Codes with CIN's "DEMO" and "TEST" therefore naturally do not have the claim to be unique to a specific user, as is the case with all other registered CIN's.

Companies or institutions that have obtained a registered company identification code, are in the position to structure its  Barcodes, 2D-Codes, RFID Tags for unique identification over alle logistical levels, e.g.:

  • on the products by direct marking: By Laser, Inkjet, etc. according to ISO/IEC 15459-4 / DIN 66401 UIM (see fig. 1)
  • on packages: Inkjet, labelling, etc. according to ISO 22742
  • on transport units: labelling according to ISO 15394, or EN 1573
  • on Returnable Transport Items (RTI's) according to ISO/IEC 15459-5
  • on documents like delivery notes, invoices, etc. e.g. according to EDC document "Paper EDI"
  • on equipment for inventory and maintenance control according to DIN 66277 eName Plate
  • and on any item to be identified uniquely, even personal and patient wrist bands

(Source:TRUMPF Maschinen AG, CH-6341 Baar)

Unambiguously marked component of TRUMPF,  Baar, Switzerland conforming to ISO/IEC 15459-4 and DIN 66401 UIM.

Data string "25SQCT110410003511" represents the sequence

  • 25S: *ASC Data Identifier
  • QC: Issuing Agency Code of E.D.C.
  • T110: Registered Company Identification Code of TRUMPF
  • 410003511: Serial No. issued by TRUMPF


Unambiguously marked transport label applied with "EDI Mark" according to E.D.C. spec. "PaperEDI". The lineare Barcode 128 contains the "License Plate", the "EDI-Marke" is a Data Matrix symbol is containing the content of the transport unit, where one scan transmits the content data to the system.
Das License Plate is structured according to ISO/IEC 15459-1.

The sequenz of the coded data string is: (J) QCBELLF103050709 interpreted as follows:

  • J: *ASC Data Identifier for transport units [brackets not encoded]
  • QC:  Issuing Agency Code von E.D.C.: QC
  • BELL: Registrierter Company Identification Code of the sender
  • 103050709:  Serial no. of the transport unit


*Note: Complete list ASC Data Identifiers (ASC DIs) for structured codes according to ISO/IEC 15418/ANS MH10.8.2, see